Be Your Own Duck Commander

In this four-book juvenile fiction series featuring the popular Robertson family of Duck Commander® fame and written by Phil’s grandson John Luke Robertson (with Travis Thrasher), readers are invited to participate in the zany fun of the Duck Commander® world. After a few chapters, readers can choose to go down different paths—all filled with humor and life lessons.

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John Luke Robertson
John Luke Robertson is the oldest son of Korie and Willie Robertson and one of the stars of Duck Dynasty®. An avid reader as well as outdoorsman, John Luke has proven himself as a leader in his church youth group and at his school. His summers are busy with mission trips and working at a Christian youth camp. John Luke speaks regularly at youth events, where he encourages young people to live the life God has planned for them.
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Travis Thrasher
Critically acclaimed and creatively diverse novelist Travis Thrasher has made a career out of defying expectations.Writing stories that have moved, haunted and provoked readers, Thrasher has told tales in a variety of genres. His one common theme is brokenness, and his one common tactic is surprise. He lives with his wife and three daughters in a suburb of Chicago. For more information on Travis, go to
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fun facts about the author

Travis: Places I’ve lived, all before I was in the fifth grade – Australia, Germany, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida and New York
Travis: I used to be the pickiest eater in the world until I went on a missions trip to Mexico, now I’ll eat anything!
Travis: I have three girls including twins and hope to right an awesome series centered around three sisters one day
Travis: The first dog I had was a Saint Bernard named Hannibal who I could ride like a horse
Travis: One of the series of books which got me interested in reading and writing was the Choose Your Own Adventure books (no surprise there, huh?)
Willie Robertson The confident leader always there for a wisecrack and always searching to try and get out of work (or to be more efficient as he might argue)
Jase Robertson The big brother who knows it all and tends to be a bit on the dramatic side. All frogs fear him.
Phil Robertson The original Duck Commander and the faithful papaw of the clan. He loves Jesus and loves shooting ducks
Si Robertson You never know what Uncle Si will say or think or think about saying. He’s a close brother to Phil and he’s definitely been to outer space a few times.
John Luke Robertson A bright, amiable and fun-loving son and grandson. No adventure is too small for him to follow along with.

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You won’t have any problem finding a book you like on Cool2Read! Our books are about kids and teens going through the same every day fun and challenges just like you. We have books about Life on Mars, Horses, Solving Mysteries, Car Racing, Time Travel, Surviving Middle School, Going to High School in London, The End Times and Saving the World. You will find these stories are fast paced, inspiring and entertaining and you might even learn something along the way.

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Books are part of an amazing delivery system that puts squiggles of ink on paper that make words that make pictures in your head. But unless these words deliver something worth reading, books are BORING. I LOVE to read because books can deliver great STORY. Once you find your story, TRUST ME, you’ll find out it really is cool2read.
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