TJ and the Time Stumblers

Having moved from Missouri to Malibu, California, TJ Finkelstein is just trying to adjust to her new environment when her life gets crazier—two whacky guys from the 23rd century invade her life. These boys are sent back in time to help TJ grow into the great leader she is destined to become. But, all she can see are the problems the goofballs cause for her.

Bill Myers
Bill Myers is the author of several best-selling series, including Forbidden Doors, The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle, McGee and Me! He is a writer and director; his work has won over 60 national and international awards and his books and videos have sold nearly 8 million copies.
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fun facts about the author

I grew up in the mountains and liked to go for long walks in the woods
When I was a kid, I loved skateboarding and basketball.
I also sang in a rock band.
For breakfast, I love cold pizza sprinkled with sugar.
I like to act in plays.
TJ Finkelstein has just moved from Missouri to Malibu, California. She now stands out even more as she battles her invisible helpers, Tuna and Herby, two 23rd century goofballs
Tuna and Herby are 23rd century boys who want to help TJ develop into the world leader they know she’ll become in the future. No one can see them except TJ.
Chad Steele is TJ’s cute neighbor. He thinks TJ is weird, but he also likes her.
Hesper Breakahart is the school’s popular girl, who happens to also be a TV star. TJ gets on her bad list quickly.
Dorie Finkelstein is TJ’s youngest sister. TJ thinks Dorie is adorable although TJ has to pretend she annoys her.
Violet Finkelstein is TJ’s middle sister. TJ thinks Violet is a pain and a know-it-all.
Dad is raising the girls alone. His wife and the girls’ mother died about a year ago. The family has moved to Malibu to make a fresh start.